The Many Ways A Las Vegas Dentist Protects Your Health

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The Many Ways a Las Vegas Dentist Protects Your Health


Paul Lindgren

Your Las Vegas dentist is very important to the overall health of your teeth and gums, and in ways that may surprise you. Many realize that effective cleaning is important to get their teeth completely cleaned and x-rays are needed to catch any problems that may be developing. However, there are many ways that a dental office can protect your health overall and keep you free from pain as well. They may be able to diagnosis headaches, neck aches, jaw pain, and many other maladies that you may not associate with a dental office. Consider the following.

Conditions That Cause Pain

Your headaches may have many causes and you should consult with a doctor if they are chronic and overwhelming. Some of those causes of your headaches may start in the mouth, and your Las Vegas dentist can often diagnose them quickly and easily. If you grind your teeth at night, this puts undo pressure on the entire jaw line and can cause morning headaches. The same can happen if you clench your teeth throughout the day. Since these habits cause damage to the teeth, your dentist may be able to notice them more quickly than a medical doctor.


These habits can also cause pain along the shoulders and upper back, and along the neck. These areas are all connected to the mouth, so if you have this pain constantly, you may want to bring that up when you visit your local Las Vegas dental office.


When you\’re dehydrated, your entire body suffers. Your cells need moisture and hydration to be healthy, as do your joints and internal organs. When you\’re dehydrated, you typically suffer from dry mouth and your dentist can determine this. In some cases you may need to drink more water but dehydration can also be a symptom of other health conditions including diabetes. When you visit your Las Vegas dental office, talk to him or her if you notice your mouth gets dry regularly and ask if they can note any damage done to your teeth and gums.

The Health of Your Mouth

The health of your mouth is very important, but it may be at risk more than you realize. If you\’re missing teeth or have chipped or broken teeth, this means that bacteria can more readily settle into these areas and cause damage to your gums and to other teeth. Simple Las Vegas dental implants can help to keep these areas clear of excessive bacteria.

Chipped or broken teeth can also cut your gums and this too can mean the risk of infections, and can cause pain. Las Vegas dental implants are permanent solutions to missing or defective teeth, and they\’re typically more affordable than you may realize. Your dentist may need to size them according to your mouth, and your broken teeth will need to be pulled, but in the end this will mean a healthier mouth and a better smile. Consider this during your next trip to your dentist.

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