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Outbox – Best Corporate Services provider



Outbox is a Corporate Services Provider firm that provides services like Bookkeeping, Accounting Consultancy, Accounts Payable Outsourcing, Corporate Income Tax Compliance and HR & Payroll Services. The firm is based in Singapore and provides all the services at an affordable price.

Hiring a corporate service provider is really helpful for an organization. It helps in maintaining the organization s legal, tax and accounting matters. Outbox helps in business start-ups and also the clients who own small business which helps them to lessen the burden.

To understand exactly what does Outbox Corporate Services offer, read on the brief description of all the services.

Accounting & Bookkeeping:

These days globalization is making the world go smaller and thus organizations can easily expand their business and reach the world. In this case, companies must have accurate and updated information to make the decisions and accordingly assess the performance of their businesses. This not only helps the owners to check the performance of their business but also helps them to generate better results.

Accounting and Bookkeeping involves Accounting Consultancy, Bookkeeping Services and Backlog Accounting.

Human Resource & Payroll

Human resource plays a very important part of any organization. Outsourcing it to Outbox Corporate Services can easily make your working smooth and manageable. It is really important to handle the payroll of a company well as any small wrong step can make your employees upset. When you give these services to Outbox to handle you can calmly concentrate on your work leaving everything else on Outbox.

Outbox offers following services under Human Resource & Payroll:


Issuance of letters like letter of employment, promotion etc.

Visa Processing for clients who has employees requires employment Visa to work in Singapore

Application & cancellation of Employment Pass

Application & cancellation of Dependant Passes/ Long Term Visitor Pass

National Service, Maternity/ Childcare Claim

Compute net salary and CPF on monthly or multiple times per month

Compute commissions and other payroll-related payments

Provide payroll reports & accounting journals

Process payroll according to client s instruction, including but not limited to payment of net salary and CPF via uploading to bank or CPF and issuance of pay slips

Prepare year-end information for staff s personal income tax reporting

Provide standardize forms for staff to apply for leave

Administer the recording of leave application and entitlement, according to client s policy

Assist in calculation for recruits, resigned employees, deduction of unpaid leave, and encashment of leave.

Corporate Secretarial

According to Singapore Companies Act, every organization must appoint a Secretary who resides in Singapore. Outbox offers the following:

Incorporation of companies (different pricing is available dependent of clients\’ needs)

Acting as the Company Secretary of our clients


Outbox Corporate Services offer Tax services to their clients who are starting up their business or run small to medium Business. The services include:

Attending to correspondences with Inland revenue authority of Singapore

Submission of estimated chargeable income

Preparation of tax schedules

Submission of Form C and

Tax advisory

Outbox focuses on full customer satisfaction. They are a team of expertise professional that includes four Auditors who are Certified Public Accountants with extensive commercial experience core industries like Retail, Service, Manufacturing and Construction. Other than this they also have Tax Specialist and HR & payroll specialist with vast commercial experience. When starting a new Enterprise, you must always take the advice of the experts and that was what Outbox Corporate Services expertise at. They even provide online help through their website www.outboxbiz.com, where you can contact them and get the best services at the best price.

A firm big or small need the corporate services at all the levels. These days, when everything has become so advanced there is no need for the organizations to hire the people and get the work done. Outbox is one such firm. This article contains extensive information about the firm and the services that they offer. The main source of the article was www.outboxbiz.com, Wikipedia and other Internet Sources.

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