How To Become A Fashion Designer?

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Submitted by: Donald Pang

Over the years, I had the honor to meet and/or talk to several talented Fashion Designers. All of them had great advice and clear ideas as to what a true Fashion Designer is made of. So I decided to make a short compilation of the best advice I have heard and who said it.

Every Fashion Designer started out from the beginning. Some dressed Barbie dolls when they were little. Others might have doodled fashion illustrations in their high school text books. Here is an overview on how to be a Fashion Designer, condensed into three steps.

1) Learn to Express Yourself with Fashion

A lecturer once said that the hardest thing for any Fashion Designer is to deliver concepts into reality. Fashion Designers create outfits by drawing, cutting, draping, and finally finishing the outfit. A lot of processes go into all stages of creating a fashion piece. Just like words or colors, clothes only look and feel right with the right combination of material and concepts.


One way to learn is to visit libraries for reference books on fashion. Attend fashion shows, network with like-minded people within the industry and if you are a student studying in a fashion school, get those leads from your lecturers. They should be able to recommend you to the right contacts. Sewing skills are an advantage, if not a necessity, to work as a Fashion Designer. In order to create all sorts of fashion pieces, you need good exposure to design concepts and practice.

2) Earn Your Creative License

Sadly, the world is full enough of people who speak louder than their actions. However, that can easily be avoided or cured. Enrolling in a design school for a diploma or degree in Fashion Design will build true capability to create stylish and practical clothes. In school, you will be taught by veteran professionals on how best to develop your skills. They will not only be able to recommend the right books and guide you to use industry-level technology to create fashion pieces. They should also be able to connect you with the connects in the industry.

Your certification will be proof that you have undergone professional training at an institute. Your portfolio created in school will prove your creativity and technical ability as a Fashion Designer.

3) Work Like a Professional

Those who are truly serious about what they do never stay amateurs for long. Neither should you. Right after graduating school, you should send portfolios and r sum s to fashion houses, go for interviews and be prepared to work teh ground. This is where you get real experience on how Fashion works in the industry level. If you feel confident and skilled enough to set up your own label, go right ahead!

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About the Author: Want to more details about getting started on your

Fashion Design career

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